The spirit of Xmas was strong in him. As it was strong in her. They gazed upon each other, without a dollar to either of their names. But they were taught to be better. Lucas sat on the chair that was passed down from generation to generation. The cushions contained no money. Not a penny. These cushions used to be the realization of wealth. Passed down from a father to a father, to a mother, back to a father. Now, to a mere nothing. To a passive couch that sat there, and echoed only by the love and pride of a past now long gone.

Abigail stared at Lucas, both of them with nothing in their eyes. Blank. Like a canvas without paint to put something down on. Back in the day, Lucas would have said it’s an empty template which to draw or paint upon, and Abigail would have claimed it as hers. Her new space. Her new spring board. But, sigh, as now, it was just a plain empty drawing board without a person to draw, paint, nor draw or even fathom.

So they had to look at this new Xmas. Today is December 24th, and today is a day of remembrance, for they both have lost those closest. So, today, Lucas, musters up the courage to say to his beautiful wife, “Abigail…let’s look past this. Let’s embrace what we have. And that is each other.” Abigail can only give up a sigh and agree. “We have each other, and we have a heart. One heart amongst us.”

So, with the sigh of only those that have lost can breathe, the echo amongst the halls equals the pitter-patter of the tiny feet of the children of the eve. Jack, bouncing down the stairs to greet his mother and father. Sandra, slightly smaller but still an ever all present force meeting her older brother, who, in turn, meet their parents just searching for a love in a time where money means nothing and love equals all that is lacking. For, children, know nothing of petty dollars and cents. They know all about love, and the kiss and touch at the nape of a neck can mean a lifetime of those same dollars and cents.

For, she prefers the dolls, and he may prefer the scents that accompany the candles in the room and the cologne his father wears as he dances on father’s lap and smells the scotch and cigar on the old man’s breath.

These people are one. A family that is, and always will be, one. Until that untimely smash on the doorframe. The landlord, Mr. McGee, needs his money. The children cower. The parents feign the calmness that only a frightened soul can give off. Please, Mr. McGee, join us for some tea and biscuits, and please, let us talk aside.

As Mr. McGee, Lucas and Abigail wander off to a sharp corner in a round place, the children watch on, as all children do without their elders taking note. It is Xmas. The New Xmas, Mr. McGee. We are in arrears, and we have nothing to show for our lacking this particular holiday. All we can ask if for an extension. An extension of our rent.

Mr. McGee, we beg that you will see it through our eyes and perspective.

With a clear of the throat, Mr. McGee, looks up and down at the travesty that was a family. No coal. No kindling. No opportunity. Soon to be…no home. Mr. McGee glances at the little ones, and speaks loudly with no contempt, remorse or failings.

You shall be a family tonight. For tonight, is the night that we are all one. Tonight is the night when money is just that coin or piece of paper that it is. No. That it always was. Tonight is what we want it to be.

That’s why I bring to you, this. The New Xmas. Where we all are the same. Forgotten of money. Forgotten of debt. Forgiven of any sins, and given of all things that we promise unto each other. I have come here to forgive you and yours of all debt. I have come to give you the new Xmas. One that will hopefully be remembered and loved by you, yours, and hopefully, mine.

Here is that tree. The children may laugh at this tree, but it was given to me by many others and this tree represents the further will that must be done. Children…will you put on the star. The star for us all? Money is nothing but a coin and some paper, after all.

The star is bestowed upon the tree for this Xmas. Upon us for our Xmas. For the next Xmas. From now until the next Xmas. From this day we move forward. From this day, it is the New Xmas.