The Christmas tree in the office fell down. Another day, another piece of fire on the fire. The millions that were drawn upon them, make that another million more.

Mr. Bender decided to keep his staff on, if just for one more day. Mr. Bender, never knew the true meaning of Christmas. He sat there, behind his big oak, or cedar desk with his phone perched in front on him. He looked at his assistant.

She looks scared, as she mutters, “Mr. Bender, do you need me any longer?” With that, Mr. Bender gazes her up and down, and moves over to her…almost to feel her feelings. “So, Jennifer…where do you have to be?”

Jennifer, scared and not sure what to say looks back on her boss. “I’m sorry, sir…I have to see my family.”

It takes Mr. Bender a few seconds before he realizes the situation. “Of course. See your family. That would make sense, wouldn’t it?”

Jennifer takes a few steps, looks back, and smiles.

With that she leaves the office. But, for whatever reason, she turns around, and feels the obligation. “Mr. Bender. Would you like to join my family for dinner?”

Mr. Bender thinks about it. “Jennifer…God bless you…and God bless your family. I have a family of my own though. Merry Xmas!” Jennifer looks back, but decides to leave. “Merry Xmas, Mr. Bender.”

Mr. Bender looks at her. “It’s Jacob. Merry Xmas again. And make rather Merry!!” Jennifer is confused by this transformation, but enlightened at the same time. She smiles and leaves.

It’s not that the spirit of Mr. Bender wasn’t in him before these Merry days. It was that Mr. Bender’s spirit had been taken from him from the day he was told that his wife was sick. From the day he heard the news, he never felt the same.

Mr. Bender and his Mrs., used to gaze upon each other like two peas without a pod. Like the two tracks that met without even asking which way, or how much, this railway would be…how long this ride would take.

Hopefully, forever, like those two rocks that have the cascading water break between them…that flow of water that will continue on in this lifetime, and continue until the next one. The never ending chapter.

This was the first Xmas that Mr. Bender would be alone. But, unlike the past, it was time for some Xmas punch at home.

Mr. Bender walked into his flat, but not before stopping to see Landwar, sitting on the stoop right beside the residence. Landwar looks at him, and Mr. Bender tips his hat. Landwar is quite curious as to the happy spirit of Mr. Bender. And now we get into another story…this another one…for we haven’t finished the last one…but we will.